Our current needs include:

Gate NeededStorage NeededTree TrimmerMulch Needed
Any gate or fence company willing to help us would be greatly appreciated. Community Haven needs an 8ft x 6ft Gate installed for our dumpster area. It can be wood, metal, aluminum, new, or used. 
We are in need of a 20 ft. storage unit to store many of our items. We have run out of space and would appreciate any help available. 
 A tree business or tree trimmer willing to come here and help us clean up our grounds.
We need mulch for the Selby School Playground area! All businesses or anyone willing to purchase/provide are welcome.

If you’re able to help, please contact:

Kristina Kelly
Director of Development

 941-355-8808 x213
 941-359-8520 (Fax)