Selby Preschool Announces Results of The Libertore Fund for Children Grant

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SARASOTA, Fla. — The Haven, an established non-profit with a 60-year legacy of providing programs and services for children and adults with disabilities, has announced the results of a $10k grant the organization received through The Libertore Fund for Children in January 2017.

With funds provided by The Libertore Fund for Children, students at The Selby Preschool ­­- an inclusive Montessori-style center for early learning on The Haven’s 32-acre campus – have received 253.5 hours of behavioral therapy, 202 hours of physical, occupational and/or speech therapies, and seventeen families have received need-based scholarship tuition support for their children at Selby Preschool.

“With over half of those we serve falling under the Federal poverty level,” says The Haven’s CEO Brad Jones, “we are beyond grateful for the generosity of The Libertore Fund for Children and encouraged by the results of our Selby Preschool program. These therapies, combined with the school readiness education programs, provide our students with a solid foundation from which they can make appropriate developmental progress.”

Therapy sessions, such as those provided at The Selby Preschool, can improve cognitive, physical and fine motor skills while addressing psychological, social, behavioral and environmental factors that impact a child’s well-being and future educational goals. The school provides occupational, speech, physical and behavioral therapies during school hours through a partnership with The Kidspot. “Therapists and Selby academic educators work together to build individualized curriculums of care for our students” says The Haven’s Selby Preschool Director Missy Eckenrod. “What our students learn in their personal and group therapy sessions are later integrated in their classrooms and applied to their school lessons.”

The Selby Preschool program at The Haven provides opportunities for educational growth in a warm, supportive, and engaging environment for children with exceptional needs and individuals considered typically developmental. Selby Preschool educators collaborate with you and your child to create meaningful early childhood experiences centered on activities, routines, and expectations that accommodate, complement, and support your child’s unique abilities. For more details about The Selby Preschool call Missy Eckenrod at 941-355-8808 x.207 or email