Adaptive Tricycle for Preschool


Adapted for with physical limitations, these trikes help improve leg strength and reciprocal movement while having fun. Beyond the joy and exhilaration of free-wheeling movement, the opportunity for reciprocal lower extremity exercise is crucial to the well-being of a child with special needs. Your gift will provide an Adaptive Tricycle for special needs preschoolers.

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Product Description

Adaptive Tricycle for Preschool

Use of the adaptive tricycle can improve balance, coordination and strength in children with disabilities. In children with cerebral palsy, studies show the generalization of these skills into further functional mobility. Steering exercises, uphill pedaling, stopping and starting, backing up, and safety awareness, can be incorporated into practice sessions for further challenge. This will ultimately lead to increased independence.

Cost: $1000 for 1 Tricycle

Adaptive Trike